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The 10 Best Free Music Download Sites


If you've ever tried to download free music online, you know how frustrating the experience can be. It doesn't have to be that way. I combed the web and found 10 music download sites that actually work. These websites made the list because they host tons of songs, offer well organized and easily searchable databases. Best of all, they are completely free and legal.

Here are 10 music download sites that actually work.

10. MP3.com

© MP3.com
MP3.com is a well-organized music sharing site where artists can upload music and fans can download free music to their heart's content. MP3.com has an easy search function off-the-bat and users can seamlessly browse through music by genre or time period.

9. Bandcamp

© Bandcamp
This site is a great place to find new up and coming artists, as well as established artists in every genre. They usually give the music away for free, ask you to pay what you like, or a set price.

8. Stereogum

© Stereogum
Stereogum is a top-notch music blog that features tons of free downloads. Many of their songs come directly from artists, giving them an air of exclusivity. If you're an avid music consumer you should definitely bookmark Stereogum.

7. Soundcloud

© Soundcloud
Soundcloud is a godsend to music enthusiasts. The site boasts a clean streaming interface, a great community, and more free stuff than you can consume in a lifetime. Pro Tip: Both Android and iOS apps are available, if prefer your freebie on the go.

6. Last.fm

© Last.fm
Last.fm is more than just a place to grab free tunes. It's a combo radio-social networking site where you can discover new music, track your listening habits and, of course, download free MP3s from the likes of Bon Iver, Yeasayer, Sufjan Stevens and more.

5. Amazon

© Amazon.com
If you read this site regularly then you've probably noticed the occasional Amazon link pointing to music downloads. Believe it or not, Amazon also offers a vast supply of freebies. You can search free songs by genre or visit the Top Free Songs widget on the right sidebar. Just follow the link up top to access the free music section directly.

4. Pure Volume

© Pure Volume
Pure Volume is an artist-share site where fans can find not only music downloads but the latest on independent festivals and new artists. You can look for music to download by checking out featured artists, top songs, top downloads, and past features.

3. Noise Trade

© Noise Trade
Noise Trade is a sleek music-sharing site where artists can create widgets to share music, both within the site and on their personal social media accounts. You can download songs for no charge and tip if you like what you hear. The hip-hop section is vast, and users can browse through top downloads or check out the most recent shares.

2. Free Music Archive

© Free Music Archive
The Free Music Archive is a library of high-quality music downloads. All the tracks have been pre-cleared by the rights holders and are free for listening and educational use. You can search by curator or by genres, from hip-hop to pop. And, just like Noise Trade, you have the option to "tip" the artist if you really love the work.

1. Jamendo

© Jamendo
Jamendo is one of the largest sites in the world to service both fans looking for music to download and artists who want credit for their work. The entire site functions under a Creative Commons agreement. Users can search from thousands of free music downloads, uploaded by the artists themselves. The caveat for artists is the chance to gain popularity, and possibly even sell a commercial license for the use of their songs, as well. Best of all, though, is that music-lovers can download music free of guilt.
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