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25 Worst Rap Lyrics

Check out the worst rap lyrics of all time.

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Rap / Hip-Hop Spotlight10

Looking Back at Illmatic

Thursday April 10, 2014

Nas IllmaticAllow me to nerd out for a minute. Nas is my favorite rapper. Illmatic is my favorite hip-hop album. Illmatic turns 20 on April 19, which also happens to be Record Store Day. It sounds like it was released yesterday. I own 3 copies of Illmatic: the standard edition, the 10th anniversary platinum edition and a vinyl record I've never opened. That's how much I love Nas' first album.

Google Play just gave me a new excuse to look back at Illmatic. As anticipation mounts for the 20th anniversary edition of Illmatic, Google Play has released a fine feature to mark the occasion. The video features interviews with the likes of Tech N9ne, Schoolboy Q, Peter Rosenberg, Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar. Lamar in particular credits Illmatic for inspiring his excellent debut, good kid, mAAd city. There's a cute quote from Nas who tells a story about hearing Sting describe Illmatic as a "jazz album."


The 100 Greatest Rap Albums (Updated)

Thursday April 10, 2014

Someone recently pointed out that my 100 Greatest Hip-Hop Albums list is missing those words that typically accompany lists. So I added words--4,546 of them to be exact. I also seized the opportunity to update the art and move a few things around. Take a gander at the revised version and see how your list compares to mine. Here it is: The 100 Greatest Rap Albums

Blu Unveils Good to Be Home Artwork and Tracklist

Wednesday April 9, 2014

Blu Good to Be HomeBlu is one of the few rappers I stan for, so imagine my excitement when I learned that he's back on the saddle for a new go-round. The west coast emcee is set to release Good To Be Home, his first double album. Good to Be Home features a host of west coast hip-hop luminaries, including The Alchemist, Evidence, Planet Asia, Krondon, and Phil da Agony.

Good To Be Home hits stores on May 20th, 2014 via Nature Sounds and New World Color. You can skip the line and pre-order it now on CD, limited-edition gold vinyl, or cassette. The deluxe version includes all three formats, plus a T-shirt, poster, stickers, matches, 7" vinyl single, and other goodies.

Peep the full Good To Be Home tracklist below.

Disc 1

1. Home
2. The Return
3. Back Home Again
4. Boyz N The Hood (ft. Fashawn, Like and BeYoung from Pac Div)
5. Whip Creme (Part One) (ft. Definite, Big Dame, Co$$, and Swt Pea)
6. The West
7. The 50z
8. The LA (ft. Secret Service Agents)
9. Summer Time (ft. Bombay and Arima Ederra)
10. The Summer / (bonus) Angel Dust (ft. LMNO and 2Mex of The Visionaries and Imani of The Pharcyde)

Disc 2

1. Rap Dope
2. Dre Day
3. Red & Gold (ft. Prodigy of Mobb Deep, Mitchy Slick and Phil Da Agony from Strong Arm Steady)
4. Child Support
5. Well Fare (ft. Thurz and Casey Veggies)
6. He Man
7. Brown Sugar (ft. MED and Oh No)
8. Bobby Brown (ft. Clutch, Mic Holden, and Definite)
9. Can't Stop, Won't Stop (ft. Alchemist, Evidence, Tristate, Planet Asia, Donel Smokes, Chace Infinite, and Krondon)
10. The West (Part Two)

Gymnast's Hip-Hop Inspired Routine is a Perfect 10

Monday April 7, 2014

Gabby DouglasLloimincia Hall blows up everyone's idea of what the perfect gymnast looks like. Jezebel dubbed her a perfect 10 for her hip-hop-inspired floor routine. The 21 year-old, 4'11" LSU gymnast has the Internet going gaga, thanks to a viral video of her flawless floor exercise.  She's simultaneously fierce and nimble and smiles through the whole routine like it's ice water (here's a more intelligent analysis of her performance). Hall has scored a perfect 10 on three occasions, and I suspect she'll do so again. Lloimincia Hall. Spell her name right.

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