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The 25 Worst Hip-Hop Trends


Rappers are modern day poets. They make us think, love, feel, dance, and shake it like a polaroid picture. But sometimes they also wear shades in the club and call women farm implements. Here are the 25 worst hip-hop trends of all time.

25. FREE (Insert Incarcerated Rapper Name) Tees

Pretending that you actually care about a rapper who got busted for smoking weed on the tour bus is so 1998. We don't believe you, you need more people. Besides, no one ever walked out of jail because someone bought a T-shirt with their name on it.

24. Yelling all over mixtapes

© Grand Hustle/Atlantic
DJs have managed to render many mixtapes unlistenable by yelling all over the songs. Equally annoying is rewinding the same song 11 times while yelling "BRING THAT SH*T BACK!". If I wanted to hear 10 seconds of the same song over and over, I'll hit the damn rewind button myself. Thank you.

23. Groupie confessions

© Amistad
Groupie confessions are typically packaged as female empowerment literature, and that's just a little too confusing, bro. I can't.

22. Baby covers

Ever since Nas put his baby picture on the cover of Illmatic, rappers have been adopting the move like it's mandated on their contract. It's gone from novelty to one of the worst hip-hop album cover cliches.

21. Flooding blogs with new music

This is a fairly new fad that started with Lil Wayne. Wayne has appeared on more than 200 songs since 2006. Crooked I turned it up a notch with his weekly freestyle series. Both artists were successful in their efforts. Wayne went on to sell a gajillion copies of Tha Carter III, while Crooked established himself as one of the best lyricists alive. That said, new rappers seem to think that the only way to get attention is to make more music. If it's not worth listening to, don't bother. Quality trumps quantity.

20. Crashing award shows

Kanye VMA outburst
© Getty Images
When ODB crashed the Grammys to protest Puff Daddy's win over Wu-Tang, he was stating facts. No sane hip-hop head rates Diddy ahead of the best group in hip-hop history. These days, stage crashing is an excuse to hijack the news cycle and drum up publicity for new projects. It's now more of a gimmick than a "G" move.

19. Singing rappers

People always point to Lauryn Hill as an example of an artist who juggled both rap and R&B successfully. So let's start there. The difference between L'Boogie and today's singing rappers is that she does both those things very well. Drake raps well and sings well, but everyone else needs to save us the ear pollutants that pass for songs. Same goes for singers who dabble in rap (looking at you, Chris Brown).

18. The obligatory girl song

© Getty Images
At the risk of sounding like a hip-hop purist, it wasn't mandatory to make a "chick song" in the 90. You just did it because it made sense for you and your collaborator (or because someone offered you a Benz, as was the case with Method Man). These days, it's more of a calculated move -- an order from thirsty execs trying to turn a profit from such corniness.

17. Oversized tees

© Frazer Harrison
Fellas, can we all agree to ban shirts that look like dresses because they go all the way down to your knees? Why wear oversized clothes when you can look a million times better in form-fitting attire?

16. Sunglasses in the club

Nothing says "I'm a rapper" like sunglasses in a perfectly dim room. It's as lame as they come. Stop it.

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