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Top 50 Summer Rap Songs of the 90s


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The Best Summer Rap Songs of the 1990s
Top 50 Summer Rap Songs of the 90s
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Whether your goal this summer is to party hard or relax by the pool and soak up some rays, this playlist offers the perfect 90s summer tunes to set the mood right.

5. Salt-N-Pepa - "Let's Talk About Sex"
Salt-N-Pepa's salacious contribution to the summer playlist is also one of the catchiest rap songs of the 90s.

4. MC Hammer - "U Can't Touch This"
Sorry purists, I couldn't resist putting this one on the list. It was one the biggest hits of the 90s and still moves behinds today, even if it's a bit cheesy.

3. LL Cool J - "Around the Way Girl"
In case you ever forget why the ladies love cool J, throw this on and watch those summer girls fill the dancefloor while grinning big.

2. Public Enemy - "911 Is A Joke"
The Bomb Squad and Public Enemy caught this lightening in a bottle to augment the chaotic sound collage that was Fear Of A Black Planet. It manages to be fun while invoking thoughts of extreme heat in other ways. Equally good for protests and summertime cruising.

1. Digital Underground - "The Humpty Dance"
Remember the video with all those funny glasses, the hilarious dance moves, the catchy chorus, Shock G's clown nose? Perfect summertime groove for getting down and goofy. Or simply "getting busy in a Burger King bathroom."

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