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10 Essential Hip-Hop Albums


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#3. The Notorious B.I.G. - Ready To Die
10 Essential Hip-Hop Albums

Album cover: © Bad Boy

With the help of Puff Daddy, Biggie helped concoct the formula for 90's rap albums by including club singles like "Big Poppa" and "One More Chance," on a street LP like Ready To Die. The shock-inducing, highly dramatic debut was successful due to Biggie's crisp, meticulously-structured flow and distinct delivery. Serious tales about the harsh realities of street life, suicidal thoughts, and nightmarish death threats, many of which B.I.G. claimed were drawn from real experiences, help make Ready To Die a mainstay of east coast rap. Eight million people would later agree. (Although Ready To Die has enjoyed a tremendous amount of sales since Biggie's demise on March 9, 1997, the album suffered a setback on March 19, 2006. Following a copyrights infringement lawsuit, a judge has ordered that sales on the album be halted, because the title track for Ready To Die sampled Ohio Players' "Singing in The Morning" without permission.)

    Top Tracks
  • Juicy
  • Big Poppa
  • Ready To Die
  • Unbelievable
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