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10 Essential Hip-Hop Albums


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#6. A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory
10 Essential Hip-Hop Albums

Album cover: © Jive

The Native Tongues' hypnotic grooves added a familiar element to hip-hop: "jazzified rap." A Tribe Called Quest's Low End Theory spearheaded the jazzy, soulful hip-hop movement that has now garnered them discipleship from the likes of Kanye West, Slum Village, and Little Brother. Produced largely by the crew of boardsmen known as The Ummah (Q-Tip, Jay Dee and co), The Low End Theory is Tribe at its best. A performance that's only rivaled by their Native Tongues brothers--De La Soul and Jungle Brothers.

    Top Tracks
  • Scenario ft Busta Rhymes
  • Verses from The Abstract
  • Buggin' Out
  • Check The Rhime
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