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10 Essential Hip-Hop Albums


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#9. 2 Pac - Me Against The World
10 Essential Hip-Hop Albums

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This essential hip-hop album established Tupac Shakur as an emotionally raw artist-turned-icon. Me Against The World is a seamless amalgamation of his irreverent take on hip-hop and the black struggle. His multiple personalities permeate the album: occasionally vulnerable, occasionally cantankerous. Me Against The World is 2Pac at his best: no excessive thug braggarts, no name-inscribed lyrical missiles aimed at east coast rappers. (In fact, he pays homage to rap pioneers on "Old School.") This is simply Pac and his poignant, albeit defiant, multi-faceted dispositions. And you wonder why he's still the most imitated rapper of all time.

    Top Tracks
  • Dear Mama
  • Lord Knows
  • Me Against The World
  • So Many Tearz
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