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50 Best Rap Songs of 2009

A countdown of 2009's best hip-hop songs


40. Drake - "Forever" (Ft. Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Eminem)

© Interscope Records
"Forever" is 2009's "Swagga Like Us," a hip-hop collaboration of monstrous proportion. For the sake of argument, Eminem wrecked this track with lines like: "There they go, back in stadiums as Shady spits his flow. Nuts they go, Macadamia they go so ballistic whoa" and "When I slap the bass out your mouth with a taste so great that it shakes the place."

39. Fabolous - "Everything, Everyday, Everywhere"

© Desert Storm / Def Jam Records
Fabolous + Ryan Leslie = a winning combination. Throw in a hint of Keri Hilson and you've got yourself a sureshot.

38. Brother Ali - "Good Lord"

© Rhymesayers Entertainment
The whitest rapper with the most soul oozes charm and charisma on this head-snapper from The Truth Is Here EP. Sample rhyme: "Chappelle busts funnies, Mos Def busts rhymes/Muhammad Ali is the greatest of all-time."

37. Royce da 5'9" - "Dinner Time" (Ft. Busta Rhymes)

© MIC Records
If you've ever driven a standard car with one gear, then you have a slight idea of what a Royce da 5'9" album sounds like. Nickel Nine only knows one way to operate on the mic, and that's to attack every verse as if his life depends on it. "Dinner Time" is no different.

36. Eminem - "The Warning"

© Getty Images
Who knew it would take a silly beef with the Butterfly lady to get Eminem spitting raw rhymes again? In response to Carey's "Obsessed," Em rips the R&B superstar and comedian hubby Nick Cannon in shreds.

35. Alchemist - "Smile" (Ft. Twista & Maxwell)

© Koch
Alchemist brings the poignant production, Twista brings a fiery delivery, while Maxwell rounds out the edges with his soulful crooning. Together, they urge optimism in the face of adversity. Just what the doctor ordered in these hard economic times.

34. Raekwon - "New Wu"

© IceH20 Records
"New Wu" is reminiscent of old Wu. Maybe it's the thunderous drums. Maybe it's the dusty soul sample. Maybe it's the impressive guest turns by Ghost and Meth. Maybe it's witchcraft. Whatever it is, we're grateful for that good ol' Wu banga.

33. Freddie Gibbs - "Womb 2 The Tomb" (Ft. Pill)

Two of 09's most impressive newcomers, Freddie Gibbs and Pill, join forces on this dusky thriller.

32. Gucci Mane - "Lemonade"

© Asylum/Warner Bros.
The Burr-Man whips up a tasty tune that's guaranteed to stay on your, uh, lips long after you've hit the stop button.

31. Slaughterhouse - "Move On"

Slaughterhouse is a hip-hop supergroup comprised of Royce da 5'9", Joell Ortiz, Crooked I, and Joe Budden. "Move On," their most notable non-album cut, finds the quartet thumping their chests and tackling hurling disses at gossip media.
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