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Halloween Hip-Hop Soundtrack: 10 Spooky Rap Songs

Spooky Rap Songs Guranteed to Give You the Shivers


Greetings, ghouls and goblins. Halloween is upon us and we must celebrate the mayhem and mischief with the appropriate music. Ready to venture into the night and get your freak on with zombies and werewolves? Good. Here are 15 scary rap songs to get this party started.

15. B.o.B. - "Ghost in the Machine"

© Getty Images/Kevin Winter

Driven by dour piano licks, "Ghost in the Machine" is a dark and creepy track from one of rap's brightest new stars. Reflective grandeur of transcendent emotions overwhelm B.o.B, as he cries out: "I'm terrified, like I've seen a UFO."

14. DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince - "A Nightmare on My Street"

After seeing Nightmare on Elm Street, Fresh Prince finds he can't go to sleep because he's been visited by Freddy Krueger. Freddy asks to be his partner-in-rhyme, but Prince ridicules him and sends him home instead. "Yo Fred, I think you got me all wrong/I ain't partners with nobody with nails that long. Look, I'll be honest this team won't work." Reality only sets in the end when Freddy decides to kill Jazzy Jeff. This one gave me shivers when I was a kid.

13. Snoop Dogg - "Murder was the Case"

[Watch the Video]
No need for ghosts and goblins here, the mere thought of dying is terrifying enough for Snoop. Hear him testify: "I'm shaking and they breaking, tryin' to save the Dogg, pumping on my chest and I'm screamin'. I stop breathing, damn I see demons. Dear God, I wonder can you save me? I can't die, my Boo-Boo's bout to have my baby." Snoop's plea for mercy gets an even eerier thump from Dr. Dre's cinematic production.

12. Gravediggaz - "6 Feet Deep"

Gravediggaz - 6 Feet Deep
© Island/Polygram
No Hip-Hop Halloween playlist is complete without at least one song from Gravediggaz, who specialized in blood-thirsty throwdowns. "6 Feet Deep," the title track from their controversial debut, spots unsettling vocals and a decidedly moody beat. "Your world is black. You drop into a hole."

11. Ras Kass - "Interview with a Vampire"

Ras Kass - Rasassination
Backed by a gnarly soundtrack, Ras Kass strikes up an intricate conversation with supernatural beings. Otherworldly sound effects come alive as the dialogue shifts from creationism to Armageddon.

10. Kid Cudi - "Maniac"

Like a full-moon rising, "Maniac" gradually unfolds with a gothic vibe. Cudi and Cage add the perfect the touch of horror with lines about a psychotic disturbance deep within. "It lives inside of me, eating what's in its way," Cage laments. If you want to turn up the surreal vibe a few notches, set this one to a strobe light.

9. Kanye West - "Monster"

Looking for a Halloween rap song to get the party started? Cue this monstrous posse cut and watch the crowd go wild. Bon Iver kicks things off with: "I shoot the lights out/Hide til its bright out/Whoa, just another lonely night/Are you willing to sacrifice your life?" Later, Jay-Z rattles off a list of all the creatures that spooked us out as kids: "Sasquatch, Godzilla, King Kong, Lochness, Goblin, Ghoul, a zombie with no conscience."

8. Bone Thugs - "Hell Sent"

Bone Thugs - Faces of Death
© Enterprise Music
There are at least 10 references to Lucifer in "Hell Sent," which finds Bone Thugs bragging about "taking demons hostages" and starting a riot in hell. Wish Bone unleashes the fiercest assault towards the end, "A demon told me that Lucifer said meet him at the black hole. I told him "I'm a be there; ain't no b*tch in my soul!"

7. The Notorious B.I.G. - "Suicidal Thoughts"

© Bad Boy

Fed up with his personal failures, Biggie gives himself a death sentence on "Suicidal Thoughts." His friend (Diddy, in this case) attempts to dissuade him, but Biggie is too far down the windpipe to reconsider. We'll never know if B.I.G. was really as depressed as the song indicates, but "Suicidal Thoghts" is still one hell of a spooky song 11 years after his real death. For a more dramatic version, check out this E&L remix.

6. Eminem - "Stan"

Eminem - Stan
© Interscope

You only need to listen to "Stan" once before realizing that this ill-fated account of a psychotic Eminem worshipper is simply unforgettable. "Stan" unmasks a vulnerable Eminem, one that turns up the pathos several notches while barely raising his voice. Dido's ethereal crooning adds more soot to the tale.

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