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Nas - Where Y'all At (The Jones Experience/Def Jam)

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By Bhaskar Sunkara

Nas - Where Y'all At (The Jones Experience/Def Jam)

Nas (c) Sony

The Bottom Line

With a new label and the Jigga-man himself throwing his weight behind the album, legions of Nas fans are hoping and praying that his upcoming album, Hip Hop is Dead, will go down in history as hip-hop's most ironic album title. If "Where Y'All At," Nas' first street single, is any indication, this just might be the case.


  • Grimey production
  • Classic, Kool G Rap-esque flow


  • Were cross-over fans expecting an easier to digest, more mainstream Nas?


  • Are those some subliminals at Hov?
  • "Where Y'All At" is the street single from Hip-Hop is Dead...The N
  • "Where Y'All At" was produced by long time Nas collaborator Salaam Remi

Guide Review - Nas - Where Y'all At (The Jones Experience/Def Jam)

From the jumpoff it's clear that despite rumors that he's planning to revert to his commerical "Nastradamus"-like ways for his Def Jam debut, Nas is still as nasty as ever (pun intended).

The man who once stepped on some tails by subliminally attacking both 2Pac and the Notorious B.I.G. in his classic 1996 track "The Message," maybe at it again according to some who claim that in two bars the self-proclaimed Monarch of New York threw some salt into the eyes of his boss and rap's self-proclaimed "President," Jay-Z.

"Island Def Jam, guess how many dollars was spent. To get the best man, yall n***as ain't silencing sh*t," and "Still see presidents, no matter who paid/Cause you ain't take the last dollar made..." Don't buy it? Neither do I, but, drama or no drama this street single serves as another notch on Nas' already long list of achievements. Who knows, "Where Y'All At" may yet serve to resurrect hip-hop before it's even pronounced dead on the 19th of September.

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