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Hip-Hop 101


Dive in for the skinny on hip-hop's history, elements, and culture. Even if you're not an MC, grab a pen and a pad because class is now in session.
  1. Hip-Hop History
  2. Emceeing 101
  3. The Art of Breakdancing
  4. DJs & Producers

Hip-Hop History

DJ Grandmaster Flash

An extensive history of hip-hop culture that dates back to the 1920s.

Emceeing 101


Learn about the differences between rapping and emceeing, and get to know the MCs who understand this distinction.

The Art of Breakdancing

Learn about the history and forms of breakdancing.

DJs & Producers

It's often said that hip-hop started with a mic and two turntables. So, the influence of DJs and producers cannot be overemphasized. Let's get familiar with some of the best sound architects in the game.

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