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10 Hip-Hop Artists to Watch in 2009

Burgeoning hip-hop acts poised to make a splash in 2009


If you think of today's hip-hop as akin to California wildfires, the woods are no drier than they were 10 years ago. It's just that more people now have matches. With so many new rappers picking up the mic, separating the steak from the sizzle can be a migraine-inducing process. Despite the bevy of so-called future rap stars, only a handful of them never manage to make it to their first album (sorry, Saigon). Keep in mind that buzz, talent and industry appeal were taken into consideration for this list. That said, I present to you: 10 hip-hop acts to watch in 2009.

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GemstonesMickey FactzCharles HamiltonBlu
Kid SisterKid SisterPacific DivisionJay ElectronicaKid Cudi
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