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Scarface - M.A.D.E. (Rap-A-Lot)

Mr. Scarfce is Back

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Scarface - M.A.D.E. (Rap-A-Lot)

Scarface - M.A.D.E. (Rap-A-Lot)

M.A.D.E. is the first studio album from Scarface in five years. The album will surely please old fans, but will it appeal to new listeners?

Big Dogg Status

Scarface (real name Brad Jordan) is the Robert Horry of rap: Whenever it seems like his team might be headed for a losing streak, he rebounds like Big Shot Rob to resuscitate the game. He showed us in his days as a Geto Boy that the south had something to say. He reminded us on The Fix that he had a classic or two left in him. Now, with the Dirty South struggling to remain on top, Houston's own Scarface has stepped up to the plate. Attempting to improve on his reputation as one of hip-hop's most influential figures is Face's main challenge on his 9th solo album, M.A.D.E..

Same Ol' Brad

One of Scarface's main assets is consistency. He's a master of his own art and M.A.D.E. is typical Scarface mantra; He hands out practical advice to the younger generation on "Big Dogg Status," leaves us with enough quotables to fill a department store on "Burn," and uses his trademark bassy voice to deliver a dark, cinematic tale on "The Suicide Note." The album's highlight arrives on "Never," in which Face recounts his personal and professional philosophies over a monstrous beat. (It's worth noting that this 37-year old veteran is still apt enough to carry an entire album without seeking help from guest MCs.)

Bottom Line on M.A.D.E.

While M.A.D.E. offers a peek into the life of an OG, it offers no surprises to those already familiar with Scarface's revered catalog.

Top Tracks

  • "Never"
  • "The Suicide Note"
  • "Big Dogg Status"
  • "Burn"
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