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25 Most Preposterous Hip-Hop Trends of the 2000s

The 2000s: A Decade of Annoying Hip-Hop Trends


5. The Requisite Lil Wayne Feature

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The only logical explanation for this trend is that label honchos have issued a mandate stating that no hip-hop album will be released without at least one Lil Wayne collaboration. Wayne has had his share of brilliant moments. In fact, when he's sharply focused he can be deadly ("Dr. Carter," for instance). However, there are hundreds of other remarkable artists that are equally capable of boosting your stocks. Seek them out and your audience will reward you for the unique experience. The Roots have been doing this consistently for over a decade.

4. Directional Dance Songs

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Please stop telling me to throw my hands in the air and do the "stanky legg" on the dancefloor. If I find the song compelling enough I'll shake it like a Polaroid picture. Directional dance songs are corny and need to be permanently retired from hip-hop.

3. Making it Rain

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Making it rain is a way of expressing affection for exotic dancers at the club. You really don't need me to go into a 2000-word epistle on what makes this trend ridiculously lame. Anyone still making it rain in 2009 needs to take Jay-Z's advice and get off that.

2. Swag

"Swag" is often an excuse for lack of actual talent. Ask hip-hop fans why they like certain artists and you just might be appalled at how often "swag" comes up in conversation. People are willing more than ever to sacrifice talent for swag. The word "swag" needs to be crushed, ran over, and buried in the same grave with shutter shades.

1. Auto-Tune

Jay-Z - Death of Auto-Tune
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Auto-tune went from being a vocal enhancement to a hip-hop fad. Jay officially drilled a nail in its coffin via his anthemic single "Death of Auto-Tune." Let's hope it stays that way come 2010.
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