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The 25 Worst Hip-Hop Trends


5. Generic music videos

In the early 2000s, Hype Williams pioneered a new way of shooting music videos. Williams distorted the camera's central focus by employing the fisheye lens and occasionally magnified his actors' frame for unique effects. Hype also featured some beautiful models in many of his videos. Thirsty directors took his style and ran with it like purse snatchers. As the copycats gleefully embraced dime-a-dozen models, they forgot what made Hype's directorial technique so unique: originality.

4. Autotune

Jay-Z - Death of Auto-Tune
© Roc Nation
Autotune went from being a vocal enhancement to a fad. Jay Z tried to drill a nail in its coffin via "Death of Autotune (DOA)." Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to keep rappers away from the device. Jay won't have to look too far to see who's keeping Autotune relevant. His boy Kanye West made an entire album with his voice distorted.

3. Sex puns


Lollipop. Einstein. Johnny Cochran. Dome. Cookie. Cookie Monster. You could make an entire dictionary out of hip-hop sex puns. It's something of a rap sport to spin puns out of oral sex.

2. Misogyny

© Universal Music Group

Hip-hop didn't invent misogyny, but it's doing a helluva lot to keep it alive. And it goes beyond calling women the H word or the B word or any other derogatory terms. Misogyny takes many forms in the culture. Call me hopeless, but I look forward to the day when lines like this Chief Keef special: “You ain’t gonna let me f-ck you and I feel you / But you gone suck my d-ck, or I’ll kill you” are no longer part of hip-hop culture.

1. Blaming the new generation for everything

Nothing new here. Every generation thinks the world of itself. And every generation blames the current generation for the Way Things Are Today. Remember KRS-One vs Nelly? Ice T vs Soulja Boy? It's not entirely a hip-hop thing, but it's very much a hip-hop thing.

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