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50 Greatest MCs of Our Time (1987 - 2007)


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50 Greatest MCs of Our Time (1987 - 2007)

Jay-Z © Def Jam

10. Scarface
Only a handful MCs have managed to sustain their alignment with the streets regardless of success. 'Face is at the top of that list. His wistful ghetto tales and poetic raps are constant reminders that Brad Jordan is the voice of the hood.
Best Album: The Diary Compare Prices

9. Chuck D
Lyrical with a militant message and a take-no-prisoners mic persona, Chuck D remains an influential figure in the rap game today.
Best Album: It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back Compare Prices

8. Kool G Rap
The next time your favorite emcee commits a double-homicide on wax, blame it on the notorious Kool G Rap. Why? He's the grandfather of hardcore hip-hop, of course. Some of the grittiest street tales in rap grew out of G Rap's rhyme book.
Best Album: wanted: Dead or Alive (w/ DJ Polo) Compare Prices

7. 2Pac
The most influential of all time, 2Pac remains a transcendental MC that's often imitated but never duplicated.
Best Album: Me Against the World Compare Prices

6. Jay-Z
You wouldn't know it from the bevy of hustler-turned-trappers he's inspired, but Jay-Z is the paradigm of rags-to-riches street dreams. Peep his flawless flow and double entendres. That marketing plan was him.
Best Album: Reasonable Doubt Compare Prices

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