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50 Greatest MCs of Our Time (1987 - 2007)


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50 Greatest MCs of Our Time (1987 - 2007)

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15. LL Cool J
LL's longevity has never been disputed--he hasn't been able to "Live Without His Radio" since 1985--and, unlike some of his peers, Cool J has managed to reinvent his style over the years to reflect the current cultural landscape.
Best Album: Mama Said Knock You Out Compare Prices

14. Redman
Sometimes satirical, sometimes silly, Redman is one of the liveliest MCs of his era.
Best Album: Muddy Waters Compare Prices

13. Eminem
With his dark and dystopic recitals, Eminem is always as willing to lacerate others as himself. His intricate rhyme structure, experimental wordplay, and meticulous phrasing make him one of the landmark MCs of the 21st century.
Best Album: The Marshall Mathers LP Compare Prices

12. Slick Rick
Despite myriad run-ins with the INS and jail stints, Ricky Walters managed to hold down the storytelling department like no other.
Best Album: The Great Adventures of Slick Rick Compare Prices

11. Ice Cube
Politically salient with an in-your-face delivery, Ice Cube developed a cult-like following by favoring substance over style.
Best Album: Death Certificate Compare Prices

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