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50 Greatest MCs of All Time


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50 Greatest MCs of All Time

30. Killer Mike
Killer Mike is the new school Ice Cube: the voice of a minister, the attitude of a Panther, and the delivery of a cannonball. Mike's versatility is one of his best weapons. He rocks party jams and militant anthems with the same gusto.
Essential: R.A.P. Music

29. Talib Kweli
Talib Kweli was drawn to writing at an early age, having grown up in a home with both parents as college professors. Kweli extends those early lessons to his art, using hip-hop as a platform to enlighten and empower his community.
Essential: Quality

28. Ghostface Killah
Ghostface is by far one of the most imaginative storytellers of our time. He's also the most consistent album maker in hip-hop with a deep and rich catalog of great albums.
Essential: Supreme Clientele

27. AZ
AZ, who debuted on Nas' 1994 hit song "Life's a B***h," is arguably the most underrated rapper ever. Too tough to sell out, his "intelligent thug" persona sets him aside from his peers.
Essential: Doe or Die

26. MC Lyte
Brooklyn's own MC Lyte is the complete package. She made her entrance by helping Sinnead O'Connor to a dance hit, throwing flames at a cheating boyfriend, and railing against copycat rappers, all at the same damn time.
Essential: Lyte As a Rock

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