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Top 50 Summer Rap Songs of the 90s


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Best Summer Rap Songs of 1999
Top 50 Summer Rap Songs of the 90s

5. ODB - "Got Your Money"
This one was tender but with ODB's eccentric kick. "Got Your Money" made Kelis an instant star and gave us a glimpse into Neptunemania.

4. Q-Tip - "Vivrant Thing"
The first single from Tip's solo debut, Amplified is musical cotton candy for your ears.

3. B.G. (Feat. Hot Boys and Big Tymers) - "Bling Bling"
Ah, the song that introduced a new word to hip-hop and --eventually-- the English lexicon. With its shimmering riffs, bouncy beat, and lyrics about flossin' and chasing girls, this one was sure to stay on top of the charts for a while.

2. The Roots - "You Got Me"
This Grammy-winning gem from 1999's Things Fall Apart is perfect for winding down while lying in a hammock and enjoying a good book. Ultimately, it's a song about love, so it's always in season.

1. Nas - "Hate Me Now" (Feat. Puff Daddy)
That opening note from the "O Fortuna" section of Carl Orff's Carmina Burana might be the most recognizable song intro ever. The song builds up gradually and finally explodes into a sweltering wallop of mental fortitude.

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