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Top 10 Quotes from Nas' 'Life Is Good' Conference Call


Nas Life is Good

Nas - Life is Good

© Island Def Jam

Nas has an attitude of gratitude. Rightfully so. He just scored his third straight No.1 debut with Life Is Good. Friday, Nas held a conference call to thank members of the media for their support. I dialed in so you didn't have to. Below, 10 great quotes from Esco.

On the creative process:
"It felt like the title. Everything was just flowing."

On Marvin Gaye's Here, My Dear:
Nas cites this album as the inspiration for Life Is Good. "It wasn't fully appreciated when it came out," he says.

On his chemistry with No I.D.:
"We had conversations on top of conversations before we did record 1. That's we got the vibe. And once we got it going we just started rolling. The songs [with No ID] felt like where I'm at with it."

On his son:
"I'm chillin' with my son Knight right now. He's chillin', talking about dinosaurs."

On new songs:
"I'm doing a song for my son next. I already got half the first verse written."

On the possibility of collaborating with AZ on a full-length:
"We already did. It's called The Firm. [Laughs] Get that Firm album. [Laughs]"

On tour plans:
"I definitely want to do something. We'll be putting together a little bit of something. Coming soon."

On ex-wife, Kelis:
This album is dedicated to her, wherever she's at. Shout out to Kelis.

On future projects:
"I got some nice surprises that are about to happen."

Final word:
"Every time you wake up in the morning, just know that God did that. Life is good. Ever ytime you see somebody that you love and they got some crazy look in their face, don't hate them. Just look them in eye and say "Life is good."

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