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Hip-Hop Lists

Check out some rap lists and album recommendations from your trusty rap guide.
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Top 10 Eminem Music Videos
Watch Eminem's best music videos.

Top 10 Free Music Download Sites
Looking to download free music? Here are sites that actually work.

25 Worst Rap Lyrics
See the 25 worst rap/hip-hop lyrics of all time.

100 Best Rap Songs
Check out the 100 greatest rap songs ever.

Top 10 Quotes from Nas' 'Life Is Good' Conference Call
Here are the 10 best quotes from Nas' Life Is Good press conference.

The 5 Best Moments from Made in America
From A-list performers to President Obama's PSA, here are the five best moments from Made in America 2012.

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day
Consider these hip-hop gifts for your mom, sister, wife, or girlfriend this mother's day.

10 Outrageous Moments of 2007
Here are the 10 most outrageous hip-hop moments of 2007

15 Creepiest Shots from Kanye West's "Monster" Video
Creepiest shots from Kanye West's aborted "Monster" video.

The 25 Worst Hip-Hop Trends of the 2000s
Here's a countdown of the worst hip-hop trends of the 2000s.

The 10 Greatest Hip-Hop Battles
A countdown of the greatest battles in hip-hop history.

Diddy's Top 10 Tips for a Great New Year Party
Hip-hop and fashion entrepreneur Sean "Diddy" Combs hands out some tips on how to have a great time on New Year's eve.

50 Best Rap Songs of 2010
Counting down 2010's best rap songs.

100 Best Rap Songs of 2007
Here are the best hip-hop songs of 2007, including hits by Ghostface and Rhymefest.

9 Hip-Hop Albums Every Non Hip-Hop Fan Should Listen To
Here are 9 hip-hop albums you should listen to right now.

The 10 Most Anticipated Rap Albums of 2014
2014 is super exciting in the new hip-hop department. From Q-Tip to Nas, here are the 10 most anticipated rap albums of 2014.

Best Hip-Hop Dance Songs
House party? Office dance off? Bedroom boogie? Here's a playlist of the best hip-hop dance songs to get you moving and grooving.

25 Best T.I. Songs
Trap music. Street jams. Tear-soaked tributes. Here are the 25 best T.I. songs of all time.

Best Nas Songs
The best Nas songs of all time.

Top 10 New Rappers to Watch in 2014
Meet the 10 best new rappers of 2014.

Best Illmatic Lyrics
Nas' precocious rhyming on Illmatic ensures a slew of memorable lyrics. Here are the 20 best lyrics on Illmatic.

10 Best Nas Concept Songs
Whether kicking a story backwards or rapping from the perspective of a prison cell, Nas is the king of concept rap songs.

BBQ Hip-Hop Playlist
A good summer BBQ hip-hop playlist will entertain your guests and have them going "Ooooh, that's my jam!" Here are 25 songs for your summer BBQ party.

The 10 Most Fashionable Rappers

Best Rap Songs of 2014
The best rap songs of 2014 so far.

100 Ways to Make it in Hip-Hop
So you want to be a rap star? Here are 100 things you can do to make it in hip-hop.

Best Rap Albums of 2014
From Isaiah Rashad's Cilvia Demo to Open Mike Eagle's Dark Comedy, here are the best rap albums of 2014.

Top 10 Rap Songs About Brooklyn
Brooklyn. Crooklyn. Whatever you call it, BK is home to many rap greats. Celebrate the birthplace of Biggie with the 10 best rap songs about Brooklyn.

Great Rap Albums You've Never Heard

10 Best Rappers of 2014
Here are the 10 best rappers of 2014.

10 Best White Rappers
Eminem is the undisputed king of white rappers. Here's a list of the 10 best white rappers not named Eminem.

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