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Top 10 Rap Songs for October 7th, 2006


Check out our Top 10 rap songs for the week ending October 7, 2006.

1. Talib Kweli - Listen!!!

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Talib Kweli's name is arabic for "student of the truth." The Brooklyn vet drops his Ear Drum LP on November 7th, 2006.

2. Hi-Tek feat. Jadakiss, Papoose, Talib Kweli & Raekwon - Where It Started

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Hi-Tek recently shot a video for his all-star single "Where It Started." Hi-Teknology 2 will be in stores on October 17th, 2006.

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3. Lupe Fiasco - I Gotcha

Despite initial reports that Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor sold a measly 58,000 units, new Soundscan reports indicate that the Chi-Town rapper actually sold over 80,000 copies in his first week. Missing sales figures from Best Buy spawned the conflicting reports.

4. The Game - It's Okay (One Blood)

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Word on the street is that The Game has recorded an official remix of "One Blood" featuring Fat Joe, Lil' Wayne, Nas, and others.

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5. Pharoahe Monch - Push

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Pharoahe Monch's new album, Desire, will be released through Steve Rifkind's SRC Records label in November. Monch is currently working on a 15-minute short film for the track "When the Gun Draws," which also appears on Desire. The film is based on life from the perspective of a bullet.

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6. Eminem, 50 Cent, Ca$his, and Lloyd Banks - You Don't Know

"You Don't Know" is the jumpoff single from Eminem's Shady All-Stars album, The Re-Up, which drops on December 5. The music video is expected to debut later in October.

7. Young Jeezy - I Love It

Produced by DJ Toomp, "I Love It" is the lead cut from Jeezy's Thug Motivation 102: The Inspiration due out on December 5 as well. The album features Akon, Keyshia Cole, Snoop Dogg, Three 6 Mafia and Slick Pulla.

8. Fat Joe feat. Lil' Wayne - Make It Rain

Fat Joe joins Xzibit on Pimp My Ride International which kicks off on October 15, 2006. An official website pimpmyrideint.com will feature exclusive footage from the car customisation frenzy show.

9. The Game - Let's Ride (Strip Club)

On the heels of his new release, The Game attempted to end his on-going conflict with 50 Cent. The music video for "Let's Ride" will be released later this month.

10. Snoop Dogg feat. B-Real - "Vato"

Snoop plans to follow up his Blue Carpet Treatment album with a smilarly-titled cartoon.

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