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Top 10 Rap Songs of the Week March 1st, 2013

Counting down the week's best new hip-hop songs


From trippy tunes to street slammers, here are the best new rap songs of the week.

10. Wyclef Jean - "Mid Life Crisis"

© Refugee La Republique Records
Album: April Showers

When Wyclef Jean tweeted a photo of himself bare-bodied, oiled up, mounting a Ducati on his 43rd birthday, Twitterville yelled "#midlifecrisis." So now, Clef has decided to go ahead and give that hashtag a bear hug. Smart move? The ex-Fugee plans to reactivate the rap side of his brain on April Showers, alongside T.I., Waka Flocka, Trae tha Truth, and 2 Chainz.
Tweetable: "The music industry is not a 50-yard dash" - Quincy Jones

9. Crooked I - "Minority Report"

Album: The Mission
"Minority Report" is a previously unreleased cut which now appears on Crooked I's new mixtape, The Mission. It finds the Slaughterhouse MC riding a damp Komplex beat, referencing confederate flags and saggy pants.

8. Emeli Sande f. Kendrick Lamar - "Next to Me" Remix

Album: Unknown
If Scottish singer Emeli Sande is trying to cross over to the States, she's made a wise choice by linking up with the Prince of Compton, Kendrick Lamar. The two mesh unbelievably well on Sande's "Next to Me" remix. It won't send her flying to the top of Billboard Hot 100, but it's a good start to her U.S. campaign.
Tweetable: "You're many moons away, but still you're right here"

7. Jared Evan ft. Lil Fame - "Uma Thurman"

Album: Boom Bap & Blues
Jared Evan and M.O.P.'s Lil Fame split ear space over Statik Selektah's head-spinning boom bap special.
Tweetable: "Uma Thurman, she's a killer in a black dress"

6. Skyzoo - "Ticker Tape Parade"

Album: Band Practice
Skyzoo has been on a tear lately, and he's in peak form on the jazz-centric "Ticker Tape Parade," the fourth and final episode in his Band Practice series. Like what you hear? Grab all four from 2 Dope Boyz.
Tweetable: "Sitting on the sidewalk is the next you, so may the clock on your crown forever bless you"

5. Chance the Rapper - "Acid Rain"

Album: Acid Rap
10 to Watch candidate Chance the Rapper gets all nostalgic about high school, classmates, and open mics on "Acid Rain," the Jake One-produced treat from his Acid Rap project.
Tweetable: "Sometimes the truth don't rhyme/Sometimes the lies get millions of views"

4. J. Cole - "Power Trip"

J. Cole Ft. Miguel - "Power Trip"
© Columbia
Album: Born Sinner
J. Cole's sleepy flow meet Miguel's smooth vocals on "Power Trip," the lead single from Born Sinner. Cole explained that he was going for an unfamiliar sound on "Power Trip": "You couldn’t point to any song on the radio and be like, ‘Oh, this ["Power Trip"] sounds like that or this reminds me of that'," he told MTV News. "Nah, everything from the beat to the way that I’m flowing, you’ve never really heard me so sleepy. I really did them verses in my crib and just loved the way they felt."

3. Le$ ft. Paul Wall & Slim Thug - "Steak & Shrimp"

Album: The Struggle Continues
Houston boy L-E-Dollar-Sign revs up his Chevy and takes a trip down memory lane on this widescreen, UGK-channeling smash from The Struggle Continues.
Tweetable: "My circle is small, I do my dirt one deep"

2. Freddie Gibbs - "Sing for Me"

Album: The Neck Tie Party
Who knew Gangsta Gibbs was such a romantic? Turns out he is...well, for one day. Gibbs tweeted out a link to "Sing for Me" on Valentine's Day, and the Sean Momberger track finds the King of Gary, Indiana getting in touch with his softer side.
Tweetable: "Fried chicken and collard greens for me. Seen it in my dreams, ya fiend for me, I think I love her"

1. Juicy J Ft. The Weeknd - "One of Those Nights"

Album: TBA
The song credits should be reversed; "One of Those Nights" is patently a Weeknd moment and Juicy J sounds like the guest. Still, their chemistry is good as gold. No weak moments here.
Tweetable: "If their homies know my name, then I'm doing something right"
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