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Top 10 Rap Songs - February 11, 2011

Counting down this week's best rap songs.


Which new hip-hop songs merit adoration this week? I found the best of the best. Now go forth and impress thy friends with thy unparalleled knowledge of new hip-hop.

10. Kay Slay (F/ Jon Connor, Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock) - "Put That Mic Down"

© Top Dawg Ent

Kay Slay drags this monster down the mud while a pack of hungry upstarts pounce and rip stupid.

9. Nino Bless - "God'll Cut You Down"

It's borderline career suicide trying to rework Johnny Cash. If you're brave enough to reinterpret the legend with his vocals lurking, you're almost guaranteed to crumble under his very shadow. Nino Bless ignores all the rules, takes his best shot and reaps huge aesthetic dividends on "God'll Cut You Down." It's reflective and stubborn enough to curl Cash's toes.

8. Wiz Khalifa - "Exit Row"

If there was an official anthem for this weekend, it would be "Black and Yellow." Lil Wayne tried to give Wiz a run for his money with "Green and Yellow," but it's getting mixed reviews so far. Some like Wayne's version for the funny taunts. Others say it's too close to the original to merit any praise. Either way, it's the piano-led "Exit Row" that has Wiz Khalifa crushing the competition this week.

7. Slaughterhouse - "Everybody Down"

© E1

We already knew that the other three could connect slam dunks all day. It's Joe Budden who shows up laced up for the game of his life. "They won't know I'm a god until I'm nailed on a cross," Budden barks. If his ear-grabbing metaphors on "Everybody Down" are any indication, his just dues may be right around the corner.

6. Blood Type - "I'm Free"

© bloodtypemusic.com

Blood Type dares to venture into an area where peers have been known to sing a one-note tune. "I was raised to hate gay people but turn around taught love by the same people, but I was glad you broke free. If you mad, sue me." Beautifully bold.

5. Tyga - "Really Raw"

© Getty Images

It's a west coast party and Tyga is serving the best bubbly. Game and Snoop, two guys struggling to regain form and consistency, find their voice on this horn-powered Neptunes concoction.

4. ABN (Trae & Z-Ro) - "R.I.P."

© Asylum

Trae tha Truth and Z-Ro (tha Gospel?) are back breaking bread together. “R.I.P.” finds the H-town MCs spelling out real pain and swapping blissful memories of lost ones. “R.I.P.” is the buzz single from the duo’s upcoming reunion album.

3. Gilbere Forte' - "Born In 87"

Within 4 minutes of hitting the play button on "Born In 87," you've learned everything you need to know about Gilbere Forte (pronounced Djilbere Forté). He's 23, he's from Flint, Michigan, and he doesn't wear socks with his Timbalands

2. Kanye West - "Eyes Closed"

© Getty Images

Word has it that “Eyes Closed” is a leftover from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. If that’s the case, that session must have been one hell of a royal feast. This is old school Kanye. No self-indulgent rhymes. No 55-minute runtime, as on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Just a teary-eyed boy and a crockpot.

1. Lil Wayne - "6 Foot 7 Foot"

© Cash Money/UMG

"6 Foot 7 Foot" is hands down the hottest instrumental in the game right now. You won't find too many imaginative titles in his catalog. You won't find better song titles elsewhere. 6 Foot 7? What the hell is that? Calm down, it's not an Illuminati reference or the size of his jail cell. The line "six foot, seven foot, eight foot bunch" was cribbed from Harry Belafonte's "Day O." It's a reference to banana stalks, which Weezy cleverly turned into a metaphor for moola.

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