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Top 10 Rap Songs - April 15, 2011

Counting down the week's best rap songs


Which new hip-hop songs merit adoration this week? I found the best of the best. Now go forth and impress your friends with your  unparalleled knowledge of new hip-hop.

10. Pill (Ft. Rick Ross) - "Pacman"

You'd think Rick Ross would be sick of Lex Luger beats by now. He's not, and neither are his fans. Rozay taps another Lex Luger epic, while Pill serves up a mean volley. "Jumping over cars, Blake Griffin," brags Pill. It was only a matter before someone threw Griffin's Slam Dunk-winning feat in a rhyme.

9. Busta Rhymes - "I Knock You Out"

I never ever highlight old songs here, but "I Knock You Out" deserves an exception. The song bangs, even if it leans on an old Biggie verse (it's from "All Men Are Dogs"). B.R. does B.I. justice on this one.

It's also worth noting that Busta Buss has been on a roll lately. He's been murdering everything with the hunger of a new jack even though he turns 39 next month.

8. Edo G - "Righteous Way"

"Righteous Way" is the hard-hitting new jawn from Edo G's new album, A Face in the Crowd. Edo G calls it his best album to date, and "Righteous Way" encapsulates the feel-good, boom bap sonic that powers the rest of the album. A Face in the Crowd arrives May 17th.

7. Coughee Brothaz - "Got Bills to Pay"

Yes, stoners have responsibilities, too. Devin the Dude and his posse have been making some of the most compelling tunes south of the Mason-Dixon for a decade. It's not too late to start noticing. Their Fresh Brew LP arrives April 19.

6. Wale - "4 AM"

Ladies and Gents, Wale Folarin has officially rediscovered his mojo. That Maybach Music deal seems to be working out fine, as "4 AM" finds the DC rhyme slinger as focused as ever.

5. Sandman - "Think About It"

Sandman invokes the spirit of a young Rakim literally and aesthetically. "Think About It" gets its inspiration from an Eric B & Rakim classic, "I Know You Got Soul." Special Ed also sampled that line on similarly titled song in 1989.

4. Sade (ft. Jay-Z) - "The Moon & The Sky (Remix)"

It's not your average rap song, but it's definitely worth a mention. Noah "40" Shebib dismantles Sade's "Moon & The Sky" and reassembles it with thick drums and lush keys. The lyrics are beautifully wrought. Jay-Z gets a bit misty-eyed, as he details a love lost.

3. Curren$y - "Ventilation"

Stoner rap done right. Curren$y continues to show that it's possible to be higher than Kilimanjaro and still stay focused enough to deliver a doozy. Having a genius like Alchemist watch over you from the boards doesn't hurt, either.

2. Mobb Deep (Ft. Nas) - "Dog Sh-t"

Years after Nas engaged Mobb Deep in a fierce head-butting contest, the Queensbridge natives finally put past transgressions behind. Get your mask ready; "Dog Sh-t" is as disgusting as the title suggests.

1. Royce da 5'9" (ft. Eminem) - "Writer's Block"

Eminem and Royce are back splitting mics again like the years of estrangement between them never happened. Their latest concoction, "Writer's Block," is the lead single from Nickle Nine's forthcoming Success Is Certain LP. Backed by Street Runner's cinematic strings, Royce proceeds to smash unimaginative MCs in the face with brass knuckles. Does your song sound like every other song on the radio, Nickle is probably talking about you.

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