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Top 10 Rap Songs for February 25, 2011

A countdown of this week's best rap songs.


Which new hip-hop songs merit adoration this week? I'm glad you asked, because I've got a ton to share with you. Now go forth and impress your friends with thy unparalleled knowledge of new hip-hop. I'll be expecting my check in the mail.

10. Blood Type - "I'm Free"

Blood Type dares to venture into an area where peers have been known to sing a one-note tune. "I was raised to hate gay people but turn around taught love by the same people, but I was glad you broke free. If you mad, sue me." Beautifully bold.

9. Rick Ross - "Bricks"

Imagine how much money Rozay would make if he charged rappers to pick their beats. Dude truly has an ear for progressive beats, even when his content seems formulaic. Take "Bricks," for instance. He's rhyming about the familiar (bottles, broads and bread), but the orchestral symphony dips his art in fresh waters. My only complaint is that it ends too soon.

8. Fred the Godson - "Live from HQ Freestyle"

How did we manage to sleep on Fred the Godson? Rappers must be mad at him for making the improvised spit game seem effortless. The brother’s rattling off a torrent of quotables on a throwaway joint. “This Halloween, it was sick. I painted myself brown, I’m the sh-t.”

7. The ILLZ - "To Know Your Place in the Universe"

"No time to rest when you’re trying to be a legend," The ILLZ mutters on this drowsy song. You can almost hear the weight of the world pressing down against the track's sweetly downcast blanket.

6. Kay Slay - "Let the Dogs Loose" (w/ Various Artists)

© Henry Adaso/About.com

Back in the day, special kinds of music were called for during preparation for battle or hunting prey. "Let the Dogs Loose" would make a great marching song for hunting prey. It boasts tons of taunts and boasts about taunting your enemy. "I tried to warn y'all, mayne," snarls DJ Kay Slay. We should have listened.

5. Pusha T - "My God"

This is new territory for Pusha T of the Clipse, this whole solo career thing. But is there any doubt about his ability to carry an album? Who knows? Either way, it starts with one song. "My God," the first leak from his Fear of God mixtape is absolutely disgusting. The drums don't drop until a full minute into the song. By then, Pusha already has your full attention. Bow.

4. Chip tha Ripper - "Don't Come Into My Hood"

Bone Thugs biters couldn't even bite Bone proper back in the day. Leave it to the multi-faceted Chip tha Ripper to cover a throwback gem by his fellow Ohio natives. Chip draws us into the solemn vibe of "Days of Our Lives" and shoots us out the other end more nostalgic than ever. If an Ol' Skool radio station slipped this into rotation, no one would notice. Look for Chip's Gift Raps, which is set to drop March 1st.

3. Blu - "In" (feat. Freddie Gibbs, Homeboy Sandman)

Three of the brightest New School MCs take the boat on a proper cruise. This is how you subdue a giddy beat, kids.

2. Lil Wayne - "6 Foot 7 Foot"

© Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Remember how rappers were falling over themselves trying to freestyle Bangladehs's "A Milli" beat. Well, "6 Foot 7 Foot," laced by the same guy, seems to be producing the opposite effect. No one wants to touch it because, really, how do you top "Real G's move in silence like lasagna"?

1. Tyler the Creator - "Yonkers"

Tyler, the Creator is like R.A. the Rugged Man and Eminem rolled in one. The 19-year old L.A. rapper is versed in the art of shock-rap. "Yonkers" and its accompanying video comprise the best hip-hop song and video out right now. This is what happens when you forget everything that's trendy.

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