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100 Greatest Rap Songs of All Time


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50 - 41
100 Greatest Rap Songs of All Time

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50 | Marley Marl - "The Symphony" | Download| Compare Prices
An apt reminder of the good days when producers picked collaborators based on poetic prowess, not politics.

49 | Aasim - "Hip-Hop 101" | Download| Buy Album
His rhymes are sharper than a ginsu. The beat, courtesy of the late great Roc Raida, will have you reaching for Bengay from too much head motion.

48 | Run-DMC & Aerosmith - "Walk This Way" | Download| Compare Prices
Long live the rap-rock collabo that had everyone biting the kings.

47 | Salt-N-Pepa - "Push It" | Download| Compare Prices
Both a club staple and a gym favorite. You haven't fully lived until you've flexed your Kegel muscles to the tune of "Push It."

46 | Zion I feat Talib Kweli - "Temperature" | Download| Compare Prices
A straight-out-of-nowhere smash by a west coast duo and an east coast veteran.

45 | Eminem - "Stan" | Download| Compare Prices
An ill-fated account of a psychotic Eminem worshipper. Dido's ethereal crooning adds more soot to the tale.

44 | Slick Rick - "Children's Story" | Download| Compare Prices
A masterfully woven narrative by hip-hop's greatest storyteller.

43 | Kanye West - "Jesus Walks" | Download| Compare Prices
West meticulously marries the mainstream and the Messiah and makes it look easy. Kinda like walking on water.

42 | M.O.P. - "Ante Up" | Download| Compare Prices
Further proof that M.O.P albums should come with a warning sticker: "Repeated listens may cause you to run into a wall, especially at the crack of dawn."

41 | OutKast - "Miss Jackson" | Download| Compare Prices
Two dope boys from the A plead their case before a baby mama's mama.

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