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The 10 Most Disappointing Rap Albums of 2010


If you like cheap samples, corny lyrics, and the sound of nails being drawn across a blackboard, then you'll love these albums. Ladies and Gents, I give you the 10 most disappointing hip-hop albums of 2010.

10. Ghost, Rae, and Meth - 'Wu-Massacre'

© Def Jam

When the dangerous triumvirate of Ghostface, Raekwon, and Method Man join forces on an album you expect an explosion of wits. But without Jedi RZA steering the army, these killer bees flail around aimlessly. Way to clutter Wu's pristine discography with your ego, fellas.

9. Canibus - 'The C of Tranquility'

© Interdependent Media

His songs still hover around the familiar -- tough talk, lyrical bravado, and the occasional reference to UFOs. Sorry, Bis, but there's only so many ways to talk about how lyrically apt you are before people start nodding off.

8. Ice Cube - 'I Am the West'

© Lench Mob

If Ice Cube retired from rap today, I wouldn't complain. Cube had a helluva run in the 90s, and Death Certificiate will always be a masterpiece in my book. AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted, too. Ah, those were the days.

7. Twista - 'The Perfect Storm'

© Get Money Gang Entertainment

Twista plans the perfect end-time coitus and brags about his ability to rhyme 10,000 words per second. The songs on Perfect Storm barely segue, playing like a collection of average-to-solid material with no apparent cohesiveness. There are some explosive rhymes buried here and there. You just have to dig through the wreckage to find them.


6. Redman - 'Redman Presents Reggie'

© Def Jam

These days, Funk Doc is more interested in playing wise sage to the bevy of upstarts and weed buddies than leaving them in the dust. Unfortunately, he does it while rocking his "I Love the 90s" t-shirt. It would be nice to see his musical maturity catch up with his personal growth.

5. N.E.R.D. - 'Nothing'

© Interscope

If you're expecting the fierce rhythms that made "Everyone Nose" and "She Likes to Move" floor favorites, you're in for a massive disappointment. Instead, Williams and co conjure a mixbag of uninspired songs. You're likely to be more entertained listening to your neighbors have annoyingly loud sex.

4. Rhymefest - 'El Che'

Rhymefest - El Che

Whereas Fest’s debut, Blue Collar, was thoroughly enjoyable, his second will cause you to feel something weird and it’s not adoration. Cheesy tales stretch across intense soundscapes but novelty takes a backseat to execution. Really, Fest, you don’t need to record every single idea you conceive.

3. Nelly - '5.0.'

© Universal Motown

Nelly finally ran out of ideas. Those exuberant lyrics and captivating hooks of the past are now replaced by forced collaborations, cheap samples, and ridiculous lyrics. I'd rather listen to a chorus of snorting pigs than hear this again.

2. Black Eyed Peas - 'The Beginning'

Black Eyed Peas - The Beginning
© Interscope

The danger in being formulaic is that you eventually drown in the comfort of your own formula. Nosebleeding electro club hits worked last time out, so will.i.am and company returned with more of the same. Listen to The Beginning long enough and you'll feel like you've been transplanted to a disco night at a mental institution.

1. T.I. - 'No Mercy'

© Atlantic Records

Arguably T.I.'s worst outing yet, No Mercy relies on gruesomely listless party tunes and way too much whining. You're better off listening to a running loop of Serena Williams' grunts at the U.S. Open. Whatever happened to the guy who used to get it poppin' with that 8-ball corner-pocket rhyme?

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