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90 Best Rap Albums of the 90s


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Best Rap Albums of 1991
Ice Cube - Death Certificate

Ice Cube - Death Certificate

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9. Del tha Funky Homosapien - I Wish My Brother George Was Here
While his cousin Ice Cube was busy stirring up the gangsta rap scene, Del was laying the foundation for what would become a healthy alternative-hip-hop landscape. Compare Prices

8. Cypress Hill - Cypress Hill
The year is '91. B-Real is one of the most recognizable voices in west coast hip-hop and DJ Muggs is arguably the greatest producer on the planet. That was all you needed. Compare Prices

7. Geto Boys - We Can't Be Stopped
Equal parts hilarious recitals and social obscenities, We Can't Be Stopped remains one of hip-hop's most audacious offerings ever. Compare Prices

6. Freestyle Fellowship - To Whom It May Concern...
Amidst the thugged-out reign of N.W.A. and Cypress Hill, Freestyle Fellowship countered with lyrical virtuosity.

5. De La Soul - De La Soul Is Dead
On their second go-round, De La Soul traded self-conscious for self-deprecation. Compare Prices

4. A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory
On their best album, A Tribe Called Quest (Ali Shaheed, Q-Tip, and Phife Dawg) trafficked in imaginative lyricism laced over jazz-rap layers. Compare Prices

3. Main Source - Breaking Atoms
This sample-heavy LP may not be the best rap album of '91, but it's one of the most influential ever, in that it helped launch the careers of Nas, Akinyele, and others. Not to mention a production technique that's still being emulated today. Compare Prices

2. N.W.A. - Efil4zaggin'
Despite Ice Cube's exit, N.W.A. remained vicious, unapologetic, and vividly outspoken. Compare Prices

1. Ice Cube - Death Certificate
On this groundbreaking album, Cube pulled out his laundry list of socio-political issues, tackling everyone from LAPD to white supremacists. But Cube didn't reserve the scathing indictment for non-Blacks only; he also held L.A. gangs responsible for the proliferation of crack cocaine in black neighborhoods. An honest expression of black rage like no other. Compare Prices

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