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90 Best Rap Albums of the 90s


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Best Rap Albums of 1999
Eminem - The Slim Shady LP

Eminem - The Slim Shady LP

© Aftermath/Interscope

9. Nas - I Am: The Autobiography
I Am marked a turning point in Nas' career, as it showcased his ability to soil the sheets and run the streets simultaneously. Compare Prices

8. Mos Def - Black On Both Sides
On his thought-provoking debut, Mos set the bar so high he spent the next 7 years trying to figure out how to top it. Compare Prices

7. MF Doom - Operations Doomsday
MF's off-kilter rhymes, scenic skits, and soul-inspired production made this a unique set. Compare Prices

6. Missy Elliott - Da Real World
Missy takes a stab at male gold diggers and pestering players on her re-up. She also holds her own on the production end, with little help from Timbaland. Compare Prices

5. Jay-Z - Vol. 3... Life and Times of S. Carter
Jigga's ambivalent half-thug, half-gentleman personality is largely at play on this chart-topping opus, which offered hits like "It's Hot" and "Big Pimpin." Compare Prices

4. Method Man & Redman - Blackout
For the hardcore Redman fan, Blackout posed some of the freshest rhymes you'll ever hear. By contrast, Meth was more laid-back and flavorful. Together they made black magic. Compare Prices

3. The Roots - Things Fall Apart
This mid-career success for the Roots was a huge step forward from the righteous fury of their first 3 LPs. They even bagged a Grammy for the Scott Storch-produced "You Got Me." Compare Prices

2. Dr. Dre - 2001
Drawn from the same well that spawned 1992's The Chronic, 2001 was a syncopated day-in-the-life of a G. Memorable cuts include: "The Next Episode" and "Still D.R.E." Compare Prices

1. Eminem - The Slim Shady LP
A white MC from Detroit? Unflinching paeans to drugs and violence? The task before Eminem seemed illogical at first, but he turned trials into Grammy trophies within a year. Complaints about his "evil" music failed to stifle the album's success, as The Slim Shady LP went on to sell over 5 million copies. This manic slice of dysfunction is also responsible for some of Eminem's best songs. Compare Prices

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