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10 Hip-Hop Songs Dads Will Love

A countdown of 10 hip-hop songs to spice up your Father's Day.


Here's a bitter pill for all the dads out there, hip-hop is far less kind to poppas than mommas. I had to scrape through all the corners of earth to find just a handful of the fatherhood equivalent of this Mother's Day playlist. Enjoy these 10 poignant father-child hip-hop anthems. Happy Father's Day.

10. Ja Rule - "Daddy's Little Baby"

Ja Rule - Daddy's Little Baby
© Universal Music

"Daddy's Little Baby" is a rare moment of introspection from Ja Rule's much maligned discography. Ja tells his daughter: "Degrade yourself never, 'cause I'm teaching you better/Life ain't all about cheddar, diamonds, and leather." He would know.

9. Common & Lonnie Lynn - "Pop's Rap"

The "Pop's Rap" series is a staple of Common's albums. It usually finds Lonnie Lynn Sr. offering words of wisdom to the younger generation on the closing song of every Common album.

8. Will Smith - "Just the Two of Us"

Will Smith - Just the Two of Us
© Columbia

Will Smith transforms Bill Withers' similarly titled love ballad into a father-son anthem. Will's version must have resonated with many dads as it climbed all the way to No.2 on the U.S. Billboard chart.

7. Royce da 5'9" - "Life" (Feat. Amerie)

Royce puts aside his more provocative side and gets philosophical on this moody gem which doubles as a guide of sorts to his little man. The song's message, perspective is reality, may be too complex for little Royce but he'll thank daddy for this heartfelt tribute someday.

6. Atmosphere - "Yesterday"

© Rhymesayers

"Yesterday," a standout cut from Atmosphere's When Life Gives You Lemons, finds Slug reminiscing over his father's days on earth.

5. NY Oil - "Father Father"

NY Oil

Though NY Oil's "Father Father" incorporates Barack Obama's famous speech on parental responsibility, it's far more captivating than any political rhetoric on the issue.

4. The Game - "Like Father Like Son" (Feat. Busta Rhymes)

The Game
© Universal Music

Game's message to his son on this track from The Documentary is straightforward yet crucial: Learn from your father's mistakes and you'll reduce the chances of making ones of your own.

3. Slick Rick - "It's A Boy"

Slick Rick - It's A Boy
© Def Jam

It would be convenient to assume that all of Slick Rick's lyrics are misogynistic tales. Buried within The Ruler's treasure chest, however, is this joyous celebration of fatherhood. [Watch the Video]

2. Xzibit - "The Foundation"

Xzibit is no stranger to songs about father-son relationships. "Carry the Weight," from At the Speed of Light, deals with his rough childhood and his father's role in his life. On "Foundation," X flips the table and lays down the law for his son. [Watch the Video]

1. Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs - "Be a Father to Your Child"

Ed OG - Be a Father to Your Child
© Mercury

One of Ed O.G.'s most important contributions to hip-hop is this succinct plea for parental responsibility. As the title indicates, "Be a Father to Your Child" reprimands deadbeat dads ("Stop sittin' like a chair and having your baby wonder where you are/ Or who you are, fool") and urges all fathers to realize that their presence supersedes the presents. An undeniable hip-hop masterpiece indeed.
[Watch the Video]

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