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50 Best Summer Rap Songs of the 2000s


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Best Summer Rap Songs of 2007
50 Best Summer Rap Songs of the 2000s

5. Jazzy Jeff feat. C.L. Smooth - "All I Know"
The Jazzmeister cooks up a soulful concoction, while the Smoothsmith lays his rhymes in the cut.

4. Kanye West - "Good Life"
While this may have looked like a doomed collaboration on paper, it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable songs of summer 2007.

3. 50 Cent - "I Get Money"
50 Cent brags about being stanky rich on this sky-scrapingly great banger.

2. Young Buck & The Outlawz - "Driving Down The Freeway"
Aided by Hi-Tek's ominously slamming beat and Dion's inspiring chorus, Young Buck and Outlawz invent a new genre: hardcorerapsoulnica. Check Buck Marley's comical rhymes from Buck Marley: "See when the sunshine come out, the Lamborghini somehow had the haters mad, looking at me with they tongue out."

1. UGK (Feat. OutKast) - "Int'l Players Anthem"
Two revered groups join forces and yield a pulverizing hip-hop moment. From the goofy concept to the way the beat is tailor-made to suit each artist, "Int'l Players Anthem" is flawless. It doesn't matter if you're a backpacker, a purist, or a southern rap aficionado, this is one summer anthem you won't forget anytime soon.

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