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The Game - One Blood (Geffen / Interscope)

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The Game

The Game © Geffen / Interscope

The Bottom Line

The Game's "It's Okay (One Blood)" is a well-ordered triple treat. While the "One Blood" title is an obvious nod to The Game's street affiliation, the song was a designed as a street single from his second go-round, The Doctor's Advocate. It's also a timely response to the rumors surrounding his exit from Dr. Dre's Aftermath imprint.


  • The Game rhymes with the hunger of a newcomer
  • The song addresses current issues in The Game's career


  • The dirty south-inspired production may catch Game loyalists off guard


  • "One Blood" is the street single from The Doctor's Advocate.
  • The song samples reggae artist Junior Reid's "One Blood."
  • "One Blood" was produced by Reefa.

Guide Review - The Game - One Blood (Geffen / Interscope)

The Game starts "One Blood" with a "Sixth Sense"-esque whisper of "Dre, I See dead people," followed by reggae star Junior Reid's "One Blood" sample. He then weaves through the track with his name-checking signature intact. "I'm The Doctor's Advocate, n***a Dre shot ya/ Brought me back from the dead, that's why they call him the doctor// The 'Math gon' drop him, and 50 ain't rocking/ with 'em no more, It's okay--I get it poppin'/

Game is still the same artful dodger he's been since spitting at Jay-Z on "Westside Story" and patting Hov on the back 9 tracks later on "The Documentary." Take this bait for instance: "You're 38 and you're still rapping 'unghh'." What an exciting way to get messageboard posters and bloggers speculating on whether he was alluding to Master P or Jay-Z. Then, on verse 3 he offers a thin-veiled apology: "I ain't got beef with 50. No beef with Jay." The ambiguous (albeit arresting) musing continues with a subliminal jab at the southern rap movement, "Turn on the TV and all you see is the 'A'/You n***as better make up a dance if you trying to get radio play./Keep on snappin' your fingers, I ain't goin' away," over the Lil Jon-esque beat of "One Blood."

What fans might find disturbing is that Game trades in his explosive bass-heavy thumper for underdog Reefa's synth-laden soundbed on "One Blood." The good news is that "One Blood" is the same ol' monstrous Game on a brand new turf.

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