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OutKast - Mighty "O" (LaFace / Zomba Label Group)

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Outkast - Idlewild

OutKast - Idlewild © LaFace / Zomba

The Bottom Line

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André 3000 and Big Boi have dished out hit after hit for over a decade, and now they're back to prove that they can still deliver even it's the first time they're rapping on together in 6 years.
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  • Fresh and funky


  • Lacks the instant roar of prior OutKast hits


  • Mighty "O"is the first single from OutKast's Idlewild CD.
  • Big Boi and André 3000 splice 28 bars apiece.
  • Mighty "O" was produced by Organized Noize.

Guide Review - OutKast - Mighty "O" (LaFace / Zomba Label Group)

André 3000 kicks off the party with a plain "mighty-ighty-ighty o" chorus, borrowed from Cab Calloway's "Minnie the Moocher." He then delves into some of his most intricate rhymes in years, addressing everyone from imitators to detractors: "You ain't a hater can't tell Either wish me well, go to hell or go to Yale / Study human behavior so that you know who the hell you dealin` with..."

Over the backdrop of urgent keys and synthetic drums courtesy of Organized Noize, Big Boi joins his brother-in-rhyme for a lyrical onslaught. First time rhyming together since "Ms. Jackson"? You barely even notice.

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