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Jay-Z - "Death of Auto-Tune" (Roc Nation)

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Jay-Z - Death of Auto-Tune

Jay-Z - "D.O.A."

© Roc Nation

The Bottom Line

The Auto-Tune fad was already on its way out. It’s been reviled and ridiculed by the likes of B.o.B. and Phonte. Those guys hated Auto-Tune before it was cool to hate Auto-Tune. But here comes Captain Jay positioning himself to take credit for the tool's demise with a late-breaking stunt probably designed to stir up chatter.


  • Poignant production


  • Too little too late


  • "D.O.A." is the first single from Blueprint 3
  • Produced by Chicago's own No ID
  • The song samples

Guide Review - Jay-Z - "Death of Auto-Tune" (Roc Nation)

Jay-Z's stance on Auto-Tune is clear: don’t do it if you’re not named Kanye, T-Pain, or Lil Wayne (the three big guns he’s not willing to go to war with). Kanye once told MTV that they went back and removed all the Auto-Tune songs on Blueprint 3 to make a point. Either that or Jay realized that he sounded silly on Auto-Tune. Whatever the case, Jay’s stance against the pitch-correction device is unquestionable. His motive for jumping on the anti-Auto-Tune bandwagon? Well, that's another story.

Sentiment aside, Jay's flow is razor sharp here. No I.D.’s brilliant production complements Hov's rhymes and yields the perfect eulogy for one of hip-hop's worst trends.

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