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The Game - Let's Ride (Strip Club) (Black Wall Street / Geffen)

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The Game - Let's Ride (Strip Club) (Black Wall Street / Geffen)

The Game - Doctor's Advocate © Black Wall Street / Geffen

The Bottom Line

"Let's Ride," The Game's lead single from Doctor's Advocate, is an indication that even in the special-ed classroom of hip-hop, he sticks out as cerebrally challenged.


  • Poignant production


  • Corny rhymes


  • "Let's Ride (Strip Club)" is the first single from Doctor's Advocate.
  • The song was produced by Scott Storch.
  • "Let's Ride (Strip Club)" was officially released on September 25,2006.

Guide Review - The Game - Let's Ride (Strip Club) (Black Wall Street / Geffen)

In Dick Gregory's autobiographical essay, "Shame," little Richard went to illogical measures to strip himself of ignominy. One day, as the teacher called out names of students whose fathers were going to donate to the Community Chest, Richard--a poverty-stricken kiddo with no Daddy around--offers to donate a whopping $15 on behalf of his "Daddy." "I got it right now,...my Daddy gave it to me to turn in," he was lying of course. The teacher had to remind Richard (albeit harshly) that he had no Daddy.

The Game reminds me of little Richard. We all know that he's been dropped from the 'Math. We've all heard that Dr. Dre--Game's hip-hop Daddy--had nary a thing to do with the Doctor's Advocate. Yet, he name-checks Dre and all things Aftermath no less than 12 times throughout "Let's Ride". Addled by the lack of integrity in his hustle, Game delivers a lethargic sprawl, replete with 50 Cent-esque crooning and tautological Dre odes ("Ain't nuthin' but a G thang, baby, it's a G thang").

Carooning between guns and girls, the man who "never makes hits for the club" ("One Blood") now finds himself trying to get "the whole world in the club". Just another boring mantra devoid of substance.

The Game - "Let's Ride (Strip Club)" | Listen |

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