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J. Cole - "Grew Up Fast"

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J. Cole - Grew up Fast

J. Cole - Grew up Fast

© Dreamville/Roc Nation

Released: February, 2012
Producer: Canei Finch
Abstract: Unknown project; Inspired by E; Witnessed by Big Sean

"Grew Up Fast" is classic Cole, soul sample and all. Sure, there's the usual -- fresh metaphors ("My money's on Manute Bol") and wordplay ("I only f--k with hat tricks - b----es with a few goals") -- but it's something else that makes "Grew Up Fast" an instant gem. For four minutes, Young Simba hilariously totemizes modern rap tropes, taking his peers to task in the process.

No idea where this will end up but Cole is using it to dump on fake thugs: "Okay, you killer right, and Miss Cleo is Jamaican/And Bob Marley is Haitian and me and Beyoncé datin'/And Jesus Christ be hatin, got mad love from Satan/For f---in' Sanaa Lathan while Meagan Good is waitin'"

The Canei Finch-produced "Grew Up Fast" samples former Temptations member David Ruffin’s 1969 record "The Double Cross." It's super soulful with an old school hip-hop vibe and, based on his raps, that's clearly Cole's goal: "It’s only right I brought back the soul," he rhymes before dropping this not-so subtle protest: "Y'all got way too electro, damn near techno, halfway homo, way too metro."

Mother of God.

Listen: J. Cole - "Grew Up Fast"
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