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A$AP Rocky - "Goldie"

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ASAP Rocky - Goldie

ASAP Rocky - "Goldie"


Like any rap rocket, A$AP Rocky is hit-driven. And so he's kicked off his rap career with hit after hit, none of them like anything you'd expect from a Harlem rapper. This one is (surprise) a Texas-inspired tune with production from "Ni--as in Paris" hitman, Hit-Boy. That dude is one helluva roll lately. When that paleolithic din drops, the raw energy makes it impossible to sit still.

Rocky furnishes the track with confidence, reminding us that he’s hip-hop's golden boy. So, whether you’re a ticket-wielding member of the A$AP bus or riding the fence for now, chances are "Goldie" will awaken something in you. And that's what good songs do -- they tap into our emotional biases.

He transforms his voice into a deep bass that echoes Houston's chopped and screwed sound as a "f-ck you" to mudslingers. That's Rocky being Rocky, and for now it's good enough. But soon, he'll be asked to prove he's good at being something more.

ASAP Rocky - Goldie

ASAP Rocky - Goldie

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