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T.I. - What You Know (Grand Hustle / Atlantic)

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T.I. - What You Know (Grand Hustle / Atlantic)

T.I. - What You Know © Grand Hustle / Atlantic

The Bottom Line

Regardless of T.I.'s self-ordained "King of the South" status, many hip-hop heads still credit Scarface as the don of southern rap. However, "What You Know,"--a certified street smash--proves that T.I.P's star talent is undeniable.


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  • Scene-stealing production
  • Intrinsic wordplay and delivery
  • Melodic southern drawl


  • Toomp dips the track in a tub of synthesizers.
  • T.I.'s flow is a felicitous accompaniment to the beat.
  • Gushing bragadoccio delivered with a sing-song flow.

Guide Review - T.I. - What You Know (Grand Hustle / Atlantic)

One of Atlanta's most visible young rappers, T.I. has a knack for hit singles. His adroit delivery weaves through Toomp's take on The Impressions' classic cut, "Gone." With a distinct (albeit rustic) style that's all his and a sing-song flow that makes his craft appear so easy, T.I. has found the perfect street smash to usher in the arrival of King"What You Know" will have you hitting the rewind button again and again.

King, T.I.'s highly anticipated fourth LP, features production by The Neptunes, Just Blaze, Mannie Fresh, DJ Toomp, and others.

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