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Method Man/Redman - 'Blackout! 2' (Def Jam)

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User Rating 4 Star Rating (1 Review)


Method Man/Redman - 'Blackout! 2' (Def Jam)

Blackout 2

© Def Jam

The Bottom Line

Redman and Method Man revisit their collaborative opus, ten years after the fact. Blackout! 2 is a mixbag of funny pop culture jokes and haze-powered boasts.


  • Red and Meth can still kick it with the best of 'em
  • Great chemistry


  • Redundant
  • Stuck in the 90s


  • Blackout! 2 is the sequel to 1999's Blackout!
  • Features a Wu-Tang reunion on "Four Minutes to Lock Down"
  • Production cast includes Pete Rock and Erick Sermon

Guide Review - Method Man/Redman - 'Blackout! 2' (Def Jam)

Redman and Method Man have managed to release a good quantity of solid albums since 1992 -- 12 albums between them (how much more consistent can you get?) They're both gifted lyricists who always complement each other well. Meth is warm yet flavorful, even when he's rhyming about the drollest subject. Red is sharp, witty, and charismatic. Together they're one of hip-hop's most formidable duos.

Blackout 2! finds these funny stoners reminiscing about fun times on every other song. The UGK-assisted hit "City Lights" is the most balanced crossover song you'll hear all year, yet pretty damn funny. "Mrs. International," on the other hand, is rife with rap cliches. Typically, however, none of the many other champs here scores big.

Blackout! 2 is a disappointing effort from two great MCs who are capable of so much more.

Release Date: May 19, 2009
User Reviews

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 4 out of 5
RED & METH, Member kimtata

The Album is fairly balanced with good punch lines like ""I know I rock but i ain't that hard"" very catchy

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