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Lupe Fiasco - "Kick, Push"

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Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco © Atlantic

The Bottom Line

Lupe Fiasco's "Kick, Push" is a needle in hip-hop's haystack of complacent songs.


  • Superb storytelling
  • A unique concept


  • None


  • A unique song that unites hip-hop with skateboarding
  • Producer Soundtrakk provides a thumping beat that complements Lupe Fiasco's unique lyricism
  • A street anthem that applies to various circumstances

Guide Review - Lupe Fiasco - "Kick, Push"


When I first heard "Kick, Push," it sounded like a mixtape track because of the atypical concept. As unique as the song is, you'd least expect anyone to release "Kick, Push"--a skateboard-inspired story--as the first single from a debut album. But, Lupe is not just anyone, he's hip-hop Generation Next vanguard.

Lupe tugs at the listener's senses throughout "Kick, Push," making it convenient to visualize the story with lyrics like "Labeled a misfit, abandoned, 'ka-kun ka-kun ka-kun,' his neighbors couldn't stand it." In-house producer, Soundtrakk, provides a heavy bassline meshed with an ominous, jazzy soundbed for Lupe's charming lyrics.

If you enjoyed Lupe Fiasco's creative use of metaphors on "Touch the Sky," then you're likely to be floored by his superb storytelling on "Kick, Push."

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