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Fabolous - 'Loso's Way'

About.com Rating 3 Star Rating


Fabolous - 'Loso's Way'

Fabolous - Loso's Way

The Bottom Line

Loso's Way reveals both Fab's strengths and flaws.


  • When Fab is on, he's really on
  • "Stay" finds him sharp and inspired


  • Fab occasionally gets lost in his own concoction
  • A poorly executed concept


  • Inspired by Carlito's Way
  • Features Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Ne-Yo, Keri Hilson, Ryan Leslie
  • Street Date: July 28th, 2009

Guide Review - Fabolous - 'Loso's Way'

Loso's Way, Fabolous' fifth LP, is supposed to be a concept album (named after Carlito's Way) a la American Gangster. Sure, the intro is called "The Way" and one of the closing tracks is named "Pachanga," but that's where the concept ends. Rather, we end up with a typical Fabolous album -- big singles, comical punchlines, redundant rhymes, and everything in between.

Loso is a compelling storyteller when he wants to be. The problem with Fab is that you could make a greatest hits album out of his moments of inconsistency. Loso's Way starts off strong with one of the best introductory tracks of the year, but loses steam just two songs in.

The album was originally touted as an autobiographical look at Fab's personal struggles, yet he devotes a heavy dose of his rhymes on the familiar. He spends half the album oscillating between cocky gunplay and clever wordplay and the other half keeping up with the 953 guests on the album. Occasionally, Fab gets lost in the mix.

On "Money Goes, Honey Stay," a sharply focused Jay-Z is forced to do almost as much heavy lifting as the beat, which is bland and uninspiring. The Ne-Yo-assisted "Makin' Love" suffers the same plight.

Some standout cuts include "Everything, Everywhere, Everyday," which sports a captivating Ryan Leslie beat and a memorable Keri Hilson hook, and "Stay," an inspired track about fatherhood ("My daddy left me and he ain't even die/So when he had to go, I ain't even cry"). Loso's at his best when he turns the focus inward and marks the little things that matter ("I give a f-ck about hip-hop's new beef, I was more excited when my son grew teeth").

Don't get it twisted, Loso is still witty and sly as ever and manages to drop a slew of lol-worthy lyrics. His deadly wordplay and clever rhymes keep the album from being a complete dud.

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