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Foxy Brown - 'Brooklyn's Don Diva' (Koch)

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Foxy Brown - 'Brooklyn's Don Diva' (Koch)

Foxy Brown - Brooklyn's Don Diva


The Bottom Line

For all the legal drama enshrouding Foxy Brown's personal life lately, Brooklyn's Don Diva suggests that things are fine in Foxyland.

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  • New music from Foxy!


  • Clunky production
  • Redundant topics


  • Brooklyn's Don Diva is Foxy Brown's Koch debut
  • Album No.4 for Foxy Brown
  • Features production from Statik Selektah, Fizzy Womack, Stereotype, and others

Guide Review - Foxy Brown - 'Brooklyn's Don Diva' (Koch)

Let's say you've just faced countless assault charges, served time in jail, watched your career spiral downhill, and survived it all. What would you do next? Why, hit the dance floor, of course! With a rap sheet that's longer than most guest lists, conventional wisdom determines that Foxy Brown should be having a quiet moment. Instead, Brown lunges into her 4th solo album decked out in a mink coat and stilettos. The cover shows her stepping out of an exotic ride, perhaps on her way to the club.

Brooklyn's Don Diva opens with SUV-friendly thumpers like "We're on Fire" and "When the Lights Go Out." All this partying leads to some wooziness midway into the album, so Brown briefly halts the celebration to usher in the R&B-tinged groove "Never Heard This Before" alongside Dwele. She even takes off her Chanel shades for some teary introspection on "Star Cry." A healthy portion of the album was recorded prior to the court cases ("Why" has been around since 2005), hence the festive vibe.

Besides its one-note song approach, Diva's main drawback is the litany of empty boasts ("Put BK on my back, even Shawn couldn't do that") and rote sexual braggadocio ("Only thing that changed, my ass got more fat"). It doesn't help that much of the production sounds dull and hasty. Still, bright spots like "Never Heard This Before" and the AZ-assisted heater "Too Real" will make you forget the misfires. Both Crooklyn MCs hold their own on "Too Real" but Statik Selektah's heartwarming concoction is a show-stealer.

Such transcendent moments are rare on Brooklyn's Don Diva. It's an average album with flashes of brilliance, but you'll have to do some serious digging to reach the goods.

Top Tracks
  • "Star Cry"
  • "Never Heard of This Before"
  • "Too Unreal"
Released: May 13, 2008
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