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50 Cent - 'Before I Self Destruct' (Shady/Aftermath)

About.com Rating 3 Star Rating
User Rating 4 Star Rating (1 Review)


50 Cent - 'Before I Self Destruct' (Shady/Aftermath)

The Bottom Line

50 tries to reconnect with his inner goon on his fourth outing, Before I Self Destruct.


  • 50 sounds hungrier than a pack of wild wolves
  • Stellar production


  • Betrays a lack of originality
  • Contrived, predictable


  • Production courtesy of Dr. Dre, Polow da Don, Rick Rock
  • Guests include Eminem, R.Kelly, and Ne-Yo
  • Before I Self Destruct was recorded before Curtis

Guide Review - 50 Cent - 'Before I Self Destruct' (Shady/Aftermath)

Six years after he hit da club armed with champagne bottles and assorted models on Get Rich or Die Tryin', 50 Cent came under fire for the litany of pop crossover hits that followed. Before I Self Destruct finds him revisiting the hardcore formula that gave yield to his monumental debut. The bad news is that he's singing from a familiar hymn book.

Despite Fif's gritty delivery and hard-knocking beats, his boasts sound terribly clichéd. Spreading those artistic wings can be tough when your sound is built around your ability to amass a fictitious body count in the hundreds. Still, Fif is surprisingly captivating when he wants to be. Some of the songs here overflow with catchy hooks and stellar production that make it easy to overlook the mishaps. The best cuts include the fearless "Strong Enough" and the playful "So Disrespectful."

Though 50 promised a return to classic form, he lacks the drive and initiative to make good on that promise. Before I Self Destruct in three words: guns, cash, booty. Heard that song before.

Top Tracks
  • "Strong Enough"
  • "Crime Wave"
  • "So Disrespectful"
Release Date: November 17, 2009
User Reviews

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 4 out of 5
It's a shame., Member mbpnba

It's a shame that 50 released this after ""Curtis"". If he had put out this album before ""Curtis"", 50's name in hip hop would be much more different than it is. People would regard him as the genius he is. In this his 4th studio album, 50 Cent starts with a great, full of meaning introduction called “The Invitation” that already shows the character of the whole album, that 50 has reborn and that he’s inviting you to see it, and it also shows that 50's capable of captivating the public as many times as he wants because, although he may not be one of the greatest lyricists ever, he sure is one of the best, if not the best, hit makers of all time: lyrics and beat in his songs flow together incredibly, his beats are generally good and catchy, his lyrics are what public’s looking for, direct and, pretty much believable, he always has a story to tell and this one is easy to believe because he can base it on what himself lived, … and in the album he proves all this with tracks like “Crime Wave”, “Gangsta’s Delight”, “Strong Enough”, “Get It Hot”, “Ok, You’re Right”, “So Disrespectful”, “Psycho” and basically the whole album although mainly those ones I named up there. The commercially acclaimed “Baby By Me” is an alright catchy song with mediocre rhymes but with better lyrics than a lot of the stuff we hear to nowadays. Also, I would recommend 50 to, for the future, avoid the inclusion in his albums of songs like “Do You Think About Me”, track that makes think about nothing but puking. Another fact about BISD is that seems that it only has fuel for half of the flight, because out of 15 tracks, only some 6 or 7 are ones that somebody would put on repeat on their music player or at least, listen to them often. 50’s collaboration with Eminem, “Psycho”, is one of the most powerful songs by 50 since Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. In my opinion, 50 should have included in the album the songs “Get Up” and “I Get It In”, he shouldn’t have made “Flight 187” a bonus track and he should have included some songs from the “Forever King” great mixtape. All this tracks are powerful and fresh hence I don’t see the motive to exclude them, and obviously it wasn’t problems with the disc capacity. From my point of view, strongest tracks are: -So Disrespectful. -Psycho -Crime Wave. -OK, You’re Right. -Strong Enough. -Death To My Enemies. -Gangsta’s Delight. Summarizing, BISD has been a small tasty piece of cake instead of a big one, therefore I hope that 50 works a little bit more on his upcoming “Black Magic” album so we all can finally say “50 Cent is back”.

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