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Dem Franchize Boyz - On Top Of Our Game

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Dem Franchize Boyz - On Top Of Our Game

Courtesy Virgin Records

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On their second outing, On Top of Our Game, Dem Franchize Boyz adds a new meaning to the expression "stick to your comfort zone."

Still Dressed In White Tee's

Along with the sudden proliferation of southern rap in the late 2000’s came complacency and experimentation. But, out of the music marketing bureau’s repulsive lapses, snap is the worst. Dem Franchise Boyz only hinted at this fact when they first hit the scene dressed in “White Tee’s.” On their second outing, On Top of Our Game, the Atlanta-based collective rehashes the same formula that endeared them to a handful of the party-going hip-population.

Nothing New

The ubiquitous “I Think They Like Me” is so underwhelming that not even a star-studded remix can transform their finger-snaps into an ovation. “Lean Wit it, Rock Wit it” won’t resolve DFB’s much-publicized dispute with D4L over who originated the snap dance, but it will definitely have heads nodding away. Sadly, the album relies heavily on drug allusions, car infatuations (“Ridin Rims”), and immodest imageries (“Give Props”).

Identity Confusion

On Top of Our Game’s major pitfall is the inconsistent sounds divulged on the production end. Segueing from a synth-heavy crunk tune like “You Know What It Is” to their Top 10 snap single “Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It” yields a confusing sonic combination. Despite their failed attempt at diversification, the single is a sure-shot that’ll definitely have heads nodding for a while.

All Play, No Work

The album also reveals a scary truth that’ll test the crew’s durability in the future: Pimpin, Jizzal, Parlae, and Buddie are all easily interchangeable on the mike. What the Boyz fails to achieve with individual identities, they make up with dance-able party tunes and fun tracks. Regardless, Dem Franchize Boyz need to step up their sound if they really want to be “On Top Of Their Game.”

Top Tracks
  • Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It
  • Give Props
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