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Ghostface - Fishscale (Def Jam)

Worth The Wait

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Ghostface - Fishscale (Def Jam)

Courtesy Def Jam

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Most Ghostface fans would tell you that two years is an awful long time to wait for a Tony Starks album. Proving that perseverance is sometimes synonymous with great quality, Ghost has succeeded in crafting an LP that has only his other timeless joints, Supreme Clientele and Iron Man to rival for superiority.

Back To The Essence

It must be the ghost of ODB!

Ghostface suddenly feels the need to carry the Wu on his back, and return hip-hop to its essence. Don't be fooled though, Fishscale is not a ballad about the other white meat; it's a fresh reminder that Ghost is still one of the most innovative people to ever touch a microphone. Even the necessary 'girl song' "Back Like That" with Def Jam's new sensation, Ne-Yo, is not your run-of-the-mill mushy jawn ("Yo let me get that rock on your finger, oh it's stuck, I'll take the whole finger then").

Aesthetic Value

In his typical Ghost-Deini street opera fashion, the album is colored by raw emotion and fight-instigating ramblings. On the nostalgic Just Blaze joint, "The Champ", Ghostface kicks hip-hop in the groin: "Dog, why y'all stuck on "Laffy Taffy", how did y'all n****s get past me? I"ve been doing this before Nas dropped the “Nasty." Similarly, on the poignant MF Doom-laced "Charlie Brown," the aesthetic is one of asphyxiating toughness. Snares smack and smother each other, kicks reel in machine-gun bursts, while soul samples blare in harmony.

Compatible Guest Features

While Ghost leaves his door open on the production end by working with knob-twirlers like Just Blaze and MF Doom for the first time, he keeps guest features mostly within the family (literally). Ghost's son, Sun God appears alongside Raekwon, Trife and Cappadonna on "Family Affair." Ghost and Rae re-enact their Cuban Linx chemistry on the mix tape favorite, "Kilos," where two of Shaolin's finest seamlessly weave serious kingpin tales with whimsical humor ("Yo Rae I can't feel my face!").

Rest Assured

Although, Mr. Wu-Tang himself - The RZA - is notably absent for the first time on a Ghostface project, ODB can finally smile knowing that hip-hop is in safe hands. You should do the same.

Top Tracks
  • Back Like That featuring Ne-Yo
  • The Champ
  • R.A.G.U.
  • Be Easy
  • Kilo
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