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Top Rap / Hip-Hop Releases for August 2006


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J Dilla - The Shining (BBE)
Top Rap / Hip-Hop Releases for August 2006

J Dilla - The Shining © BBE

By now, James Yancey has already been decorated with all the fancy words in the dictionary, by all the luminaries and average joes that he reached out and touched through music. The truth is that Jay Dee is what most producers want to be when they grow up. The Shining, put together by longtime Dilla friend Karriem Riggins and BBE Records, is more of a celebration of his artistry than a musical eulogy.

J Dilla - The Shining Track Listing

  1. "Geek Down" ft. Busta Rhymes
  2. "E=Mc2" ft. Common
  3. "Love Jones"
  4. "Love" ft. Pharoahe Monch | Download (MP3) | Stream
  5. "Baby" ft. Guilty Simpson, Madlib | Stream
  6. "So Far to Go" ft. Common, D’Angelo | Stream
  7. "Jungle Love" ft. MED, Guilty Simpson)
  8. "Over The Breaks"
  9. "Body Movin’" ft J. Rocc, Karriem Riggins
  10. "Dime Piece" ft. Dwele
  11. "Love Movin’" ft. Black Thought
  12. "Won't Do"

Release Date: August 22nd, 2006

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