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Top 10 Rap Releases for February 2007


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#4. 8ball & MJG - Ridin' High (Bad Boy)
Top 10 Rap Releases for February 2007

Fifteen years in the game and Memphis-based duo 8Ball (Premro Smith) and MJG (Marlon Goodwin) are still waxing strong. Ridin' High, their sophomore Bad Boy release, is led by the Biggie-inspired single "Relax and Take Notes."

8ball & MJG - Ridin' High Tracklist

  1. "Intro"
  2. "Relax And Take Notes"
  3. "Cruzin'"
  4. "Whatchu Gonna Do"
  5. "Take It Off"
  6. "Runnin' Out Of Bud"
  7. "Ridin' High"
  8. "Like This, Like That"
  9. "Stand Up"
  10. "F**k That"
  11. "Get Low"
  12. "For An Outfit"
  13. "Memphis"
  14. "Pimpin' Don't Fail Me Now"
  15. "Turn Up The Bump"
  16. "No Joke, No Lie"
  17. "Pimpin' Interlude"
  18. "Alcohol P***y Weed"

Release Date: February 13, 2007

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