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Top 10 Rap Releases for February 2007


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#7. Clockwerk - Due Yesterday (Super Happy Wax)
Top 10 Rap Releases for February 2007

Clockwerk - Due Yesterday

Due Yesterday is an 18-track CD of rare Clockwerk tracks, along with some new unreleased material, to hold fans over until their official debut album Some Tomorrow, slated for late 2007.

Clockwerk - Due Yesterday Tracklist

    "Intro" (feat. DJ Spark)
  1. "Something to See"
  2. "Coo Coo (It's Time)" (feat. Peegee13 / Big Verb)
  3. "Price Isn't Right"
  4. "Could Get Better"
  5. "State Your Demands"
  6. "Amazing"
  7. "Don't Forget the E"
  8. "Cliffhanger" (feat. Bad Neighbors)
  9. "World War Now" (feat. Illmaculate)
  10. "Just Like a Drug"
  11. "Respect"
  12. "Vice City"
  13. "Impossible" (feat. Simple)
  14. "Timeless"
  15. "NW Bound"
  16. "Thorn Banger"
  17. "Over the Sands" (feat. Sandpeople)

Release Date: February 6, 2007

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