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2008 4th Quarter Hip-Hop Preview

Comprehensive Guide to the Top Rap Albums of 4th Quarter 2008


Amid the madness that is holiday shopping, it's typical to see big budget albums compete for attention with Thanksgiving turkey and pre-packaged Christmas presents. As you gear up for an exciting holiday season, take a moment to peruse our comprehensive guide to upcoming 4th quarter rap releases. Release dates are subject to change (and often do).

1. Top New 4th Quarter Rap Albums (by Month)

Each month, we sift through the noise to bring you the 10 most notable releases worth checking out. Here's a rundown of upcoming 4th quarter rap albums by month:

2. Hip-Hop Releases Calendar - 4th Quarter 2008

50 Cent - Before I Self Destruct
© Aftermath
Your favorites didn't make the Top 10? Fret not, there's more. Consult our complete new rap releases calendar for a long list of upcoming albums:

3. Most Wanted 4th Quarter Rap Albums of 2008

© Geffen
If these albums dropped today, hip-hop heads would flock to the nearest record store in a heartbeat:

4. Album Reviews & Previews

© Universal
You may be interested in the following 4th quarter rap albums:
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