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Interview: A$AP Rocky (contd.)

"I love Houston culture more than this New York sh!t"



That was cool of you to put Houston's own Fat Tony on your mixtape.
Yeah man, I f~ck with Fat Tony. He's a good guy. That's a great cat right there.

You have some fans in H-town. You also have some critics here. On one side, there's people who like your music. On the other hand are those who say, "Hey man, we've been doing this for a minute and this A$AP guy just walks in and swipes our style. Not fair." What would you say to those guys when you come to Houston?
I'll tell them I represent y'all. That's what I do. I represent y'all. You know, at the end of the day, you don't have to be from Asia to be a f~ckin' Buddhist monk. All jokes aside, you don't have to be from Jerusalem or nothin' like that. What I'm saying is...basically, that's cool. I understand that. That's unfortunate that they feel that way. But I feel like they should embrace me. I love the culture. I'm keeping it real. I'm from New York and I love that culture. I love it more than this New York sh!t. So why wouldn't you f~ckin' f~ck with me back? I got Bun B, Paul Wall, and Killa Kyleon on the "Purple Swag" remix. They love me out there.

Cool. Can't wait to hear that. So what's on the 2012 agenda for A$AP Worldwide?
Just a lot of culture. We're bringing back hip-hop. That's what we're doing. That's the truth.

That's a bold statement. What was the first thing you bought when you signed your $3 million contract?
A bottle of Cristal. That was it. I'm not into diamonds or nothing like that. I didn't buy no car or nothing like that. I still got work to do.

Who else has influenced you as a rapper, aside from Houston guys? Give me your supergroup of four favorite rappers.
Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan. Yo, honestly, I can't really do that. I'm not trying to sound politically correct or nothing like that. I listen to everybody.

That's politically correct. OK, different question: Which rapper would make you lose your cool? If you were in the presence of this rapper, he would just make you lose your cool.
[Thinks for about 27 seconds] 2Pac

Final question. I really don't want to ask you this but if I don't ask, no one will read this interview. If you could get caught red-handed in a hotel room with one celebrity, who would it be?
Oh... sh!t. Umm...

They might be reading, so think about it.
It doesn't have to be a singer, right?

Anybody. Any kind of celeb. For me, it would be Oprah.
This fool said Oprah! Um, all right, let me think. Um...Martha Stewart.

You know how I know you're lying? You thought about it for too long.
No, not really. That's the truth. If I got caught with Martha Stewart, do you know how much p*ssy I would get off that?

[*Couldn't really figure out what he said his boy's name was. I transcribed it as "Thor" because A$AP Thor sounds like a guy who could kick my ass in a Harlem Shake danceoff.]
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